Anonymous: 8 wisdom teeth? i just got removed 4, are there 4 more??? omg :(

no some people have extras. the average is 4 but you can have as little as none and as many as 8. i had a full extra set but they were tiny like little tic tacs because they hadn’t really developed yet!!

Anonymous: next monday?

i start school on the 31st of this month! but i probably won’t be going the first few days because i just got my 8 wisdom teeth out and my face is very very swollen and it’s really hot where i live and you aren’t supposed to be in the heat after surgery, so i probably won’t be going until next monday. x


Lace Trim

Lovers at the Movies, 1940.
Photo: Arthur Fellig

A Young Beauty with a Wreath of Roses (detail)Edouard BissonOil on canvasc. 20th century

i spent my afternoon drawing and drinking tea because it got cold here

DO WHAT YOU CAN… by Matthew Taylor Wilson / more art here